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Shearwater is a global provider of powerful geophysical marine seismic acquisition and processing services. The company also licence their 21st Century seismic processing software, OpenCPS, to E&P companies as well as seismic contractors and consultants. Shearwater operates a fleet of powerful, modern seismic vessels. The company employ their processing technology both onboard these high capacity vessels and in their processing centres in the UK and USA. 
Shearwater provides new generation, high-capacity seismic vessels ideal for today's exploration, development and production needs. Their ultra-wide tow, deep tow and long offset configurations are highly flexible and serve any 3D or 4D requirement. Each vessel operates at the highest level of performance and production using high quality equipment.
Shearwater GeoServices
Damsgaardsveien 131
5160 Laksevaag
Tel: +47 90 09 86 88
77 Mount Ephraim
Brockbourne House
Tunbridge Wells
Kent TN4 8BS
1080 Eldridge Parkway
Suite 1100, Houston TX 77077
Chevron House
30 Raffles Place
23/F Singapore 

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