Energy Key Facts Advertising Opportunities

Areas 1 through to 5 above represent the prime advertising spots on Energy Key Facts. A rotational system operates which means your advert will rotate on the main homepage and throughout the rest of the site, keeping it fresh and creating maximum exposure. 

Area 6 provides an opportunity to highlight your company news releases by featuring one of five news related images for maximum home page impact. You choose the image or company logo and we will ensure your highlighted news remains on our home page for a minimum of one week.

Location Dimensions One week One Month Three Months
Top Banner (1) 660x91 £150 £350 £900
Large Square (2-4) 240x240 £100 £300 £800
Bottom Banner (5) 600x83 £100 £300 £800
Featured news release (6) 265x200 £100    

In addition we can create regional or catagory specific banner advertising opportunities to feature at the foot of selected news releases. Contact us for further details.